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Warface – A certain shooters little brother

First Person Shooter – There are hundreds of shooters out there that you could potentially play. Some or good, some are bad but most of them will costs you quite a few bucks. Warface is game that doesn’t cost you anything and still manages to emerge from the masses of similar shooters. Wonder why? Our review might provide some insight.

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Game Concept

Warface is a modern first person shooter, not only bringing fast-paced gameplay but also adding a huge emphasis on tactics and teamplay. Select your class and join the fray. Quick reflexes, map awareness and an organized team will elevate you and your friends beyond your competitors. In this regard Warface has a close resemblance to some of the genres most popular shooters and stands in the tradition of non-stop action and competitive gameplay. The way to the top is a rough one, but maybe you have what it takes to emerge victorious on the battlegrounds of warface.

Four playable classes:

One of the most distinctive features of Warface is its class system. Select one out of for playable classes and control the battlefields. As for now you get to choose between Medic, Engineer, Rifleman and the Sniper. Each of these classes has a unique purpose on the battlefield, like for example the medic that has the ability to heal downed team mates, bringing them back into the battle, or the engineer that excels at repairing broken armor or defusing mines and other explosives that are scattered around the battlefield. Ultimately the choice is yours but keep in mind that each class has a favored type of weapon that it brings to the battlefield. So should you enjoy looking through scopes a lot then its most likely the Sniper you would want to play whereas a medic you be pretty much stuck on wide range of shotguns and other close combat tools of death.

Competitive and fast-paced:

Since Warface has quite a few similarities with some of the most know titles of this genre, it is no surprise that one of those similarities is found in its fast-paced gameplay. Sliding, sprinting and jumping over and through obstacles is only a fraction of the high octane action that awaits in Warface. Furthermore the maps are rather compact, ensuring that enemy contact is possibly beyond every corner – resulting in favoring tactics that reward mobility and punish camping. A feature that is one of the strongest suits of the competitive branch of this game. At times a match of Warface can turn into a grand scheme of positioning, ambushing and ever-shifting frontlines within seconds.

Unlock new guns and gadgets:

Your loadout determines your capabilities on the battlefield. Aside from your selected class it’s the gear that you bring to the game that provides you with tactical options and necessary gimmicks to trick your foes. Grenades, mines, different firearms, you name it. Especially the firearms are something that Warface has dozens of. Unfortunately you can’t just go and grab any weapon you like. You need to buy or rent them. In order to do that you have to pay with a certain type of currency that you earn by winning the matches or simply the game. The more currency you have, the more weapons you will unlock. Each time you use your guns though, they will lose a fraction of their durability, resulting in a broken gun at some point. Repairs or repurchases will have to be in order eventually.

Special Features

  • Free-to-play: Just sign up once and you are good to go. Warface is free-to-play after a quick client download and installation.
  • Four playable classes: Choose between Rifleman, Sniper, Engineer or Medic and dominate the battlegrounds.
  • Competitive and fast-paced: Slide, jump and spring across the battlefields of the future and engage your foes in a highly competitive environment.
  • Unlock new guns and gadgets: Earn money by winning matches and invest it into new gear, gimmicks and other useful power-ups that will eventually give you the needed edge.


The Bottom Line

Warface does not have an easy standing. The competitors are massive and towering giants in a segment that counts as one of the most frequented in gaming. Yet Warface is still here in 2017, still kicking up dust with its Cry-Engine 3 and still drawing in players from all over the world. The formula is simple though, they kept it classy with Warface 3, cut short on the gimmicks and focused on crisp, responsive and fast gameplay where it is needed the most. The result is a shooter that might have his rough edges but yet most likely counts among the best in the current free to play market.

Photos of Warface

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