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Wartune – The Ultimate Mixture of Strategy and Roleplay

Strategy MMORPG – Are you a fan of construction and strategy games, but also love the character development of roleplaying games? For a long time, we’ve had to choose between these two passions, but not for much longer. The free-to-play browser game Wartune has finally combined the best features of both genres. But what’s it like to play? We tested it out for you…

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Game Description

Wartune is an impressive mix of strategy and roleplaying and offers up a diverse number of game options in your browser. Read on to find out what you can expect from the browser game Wartune.

All Hands On Deck

In the free-to-play strategy browser game Wartune, you take on the role of a brave hero, who along with his team of soldiers has to hold back the threat from demon forces wanting to destroy mankind. As a hero you have far from a normal life in Wartune. You need to build and defend your own city, recruit and train up your own army and finally you yourself need to develop and train your own skills and abilities.

The Strategy Game Element

You will first need to build up a battle-ready army in order to fend off the vengeful demons in the countless quests, instances and dungeons. You can recruit this army in your own city. At the beginning, your city will of course be very basic, so first of all you need to collect the necessary resources. Bit by bit your city will grow and eventually you will be able to build barracks, temples and other buildings in order to unlock more and more units.

The Roleplaying Element

Asides from the construction of your city, you need to of course improve the abilities of your hero. These can be chosen in advance from one of three different classes (Warrior, Mage, Archer). Your skills are best improved by taking over resource areas around your city. You’ll need a small army and or help from other players before you can venture off into the neighbouring wilderness.

Quests, Instances, Events and the Battle System

In total there are 4 single-player instances and 7 multi-player instances in Wartune. On top of this, there are countless quests and regular community events which take place and can be completed either alone or with other players. The battle and city construction system reminds us a little of classic games such as Heroes of Might and Magic. Your hero also has the chance within the game to learn different magic and to enter into battle alongside soldiers, griffons or archangels.

Special Features

  • Top-quality Graphics: Cool browser graphics thanks to QTE (Quicktime Event)
  • Diverse Heroes: 3 unique hero classes (Warrior, Mage, Archer) with individual abilities and armour
  • Diverse Tasks: Countless action-packed dungeons and quests with an exciting storyline
  • Strategy Game: Build your own city, recruit soldiers and defend against other players
  • Teamplay: Join forces with other players and play cooperatively in the campaign or dungeons
  • Competition: Show off your forces and knowhow in action-packed PvP battles in the arena


The Bottom Line

The free-to-play browser game Wartune really has a large number of different features. Thanks to the hero classes as well as the ability to build up your own city, the game has really managed to combine the coolest features of two genres. The storyline is also particularly exciting for a browser game and provides an intense gaming atmosphere. We had a lot of fun playing the game and highly recommend that you give this one a go.

Photos of Wartune

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