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Wizard 101– Abrakadabra Simsalabim

Magic MMORPG – Begin a fantastical adventure in the most remote places of Wizard 101. Meet other magical apprentices and fantastic beings on your path to become the biggest mage the world of Wizard 101 has ever seen. This and much more await you in the free-to-play magic roleplaying game Wizard 101. Does this sound a whole lot of hocus pocus to you? We took a closer look…

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Game Description

In the free-to-play magic MMORPG Wizard 101, you take on the role of a young magical apprentice in Wizard City, the capital of the mages. It is here where you can expect to have a lot of adventures and exciting magical duels. Read on to find out what else awaits you:

It’s time to start school

At the beginning, you need to create your character. There are countless options on offer to you which allow you to create your character to your own individual preferences regardless whether it’s a boy or a girl. These are not created randomly, but are rather separated out into three different elements. You can choose a first name from dozens of different options, as well as a surname consisting of two words. This then leads to magical sounding names such as ‘Sarah Green-Path’ or ‘Till Witch-Rider.’ After this, you then need to make a final decision. Your magical school! Wizard 101 gives you the choice between a total of 7 different schools. This decision will effect what kind of magic your character will be able to learn. The Fire School is known, for example, for their comprehensive attack spells, the Ice School for their mastery of defence, the Storm School for their attack spells with the most power, the Myth School for their ability to summon companions, the Life School for their healing power, the Death School for their ability to absorb what they need, whether mana or health and finally, the Balance School for their mixture of everything.

The path of a mage

Once you’re ready, you then enter the fantastic world of Wizard 101 as a young mage. In this free-to-play magic MMORPG, there are a total of 10 main worlds and 4 side worlds to explore, which are unlocked throughout the 70 levels. Asides from levelling up your character, there are also a countless number of exciting missions for you to complete. These earn you experience points as well as special items. The round-based combat system will be familiar to anyone who has played the usual mix of MMORPGs before. Once a battle begins, you take 7 cards from your deck. You can then play one card per round, which will then activate the corresponding magic. In order to win, you’ll need a good deck of cards with strong attacks, as well as a well thought-out set of tactics. You’ll find yourself battling against monsters throughout the many worlds or other players in exciting duels of up to 8 players.


An additional feature of Wizard 101 is the animal companions on offer throughout the game. Almost 100 different mounts are available, such as the classic unicorn and flying dragon to the armoured rhino and stylish broomstick. On top of this, there are over 200 different pets, which hatch from special eggs and will follow the mage through thick and thin. What’s great is that the mounts and pets can even be bred allowing for even stronger companions. In the so-called ‘Pet Pavilion,’ you even have access to mini-games and derbies, as well as the chance to duel your pets against others. By doing this, you are able to improve their skills, making your pet more and more of a practical companion while you journey through the world of Wizard 101. But be careful: Don’t forget to feed them!

Great Game Atmosphere

The free-to-play magic MMORPG Wizard 101 delivers a really nice game environment with its 3D visualsdeveloped in a pleasant comic book style and simple yet compelling background sounds. Chat dialogues have additional animations and it’s obvious to see from every pixel that the developers have really paid a lot of attention to detail while programming the game. What’s particularly unique is the complete avoidance of direct violence. The game focuses all its attention on peaceful encountersbetween characters and even the battles are just animated card duels. Due to this ‘softened system,’ Wizard 101 is really recommended for the whole family.

Special Features

  • Wanderlust: Discover the fantastical environment of Wizard 101 travelling through 10 main worlds, 4 side worlds and countless exciting missions
  • Get on that saddle: Choose between up to 100 different mounts (Unicorns, Dragons, Fairies etc.) and journey together while exploring the magical worlds of Wizard 101
  • Beastly good: Look for your own pet from over 200 unique types or breed your own new and unique companion
  • Longterm Fun: In Wizard 101, there are 70 character levels to unlock as well as countless exciting missions on offer
  • Fun from 6 years old: Thanks to the card battle system, the battles are without any direct violence
  • Great Visuals: You can expect a fantastically 3D animated world in a visual pleasing comic book design full of magic


The Bottom Line

The free-to-play magic roleplaying game Wizard 101 has really delivered an interesting game with its many features, suitable even for young players, yet extensive enough for the ‘big ones’ as well. The 14 different worlds, the beastly companions to collect, breed and train as well as the countless missions guarantee long-term enjoyment for both big and small. What are you waiting for you young apprentice? Pack up your wand and discover a truly fantastic world full of magic.

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