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World of Warships – All cannons, fire!

Warship Action Shooter – We have played the phenomenal World of Tanks and the even more spectacular World of Warplanes and thought we reached the end of a class of its own. We were so wrong. It was just a matter of time, until we now got the opportunity to play the most recent free to play third person action shooter addition from – World of Warships. We chartered on one of those massive steel titans and here is our report.

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Game Concept

In World of Warships you are taking control over some of the most known and most impressive Warships of the past century and the era of the Second World War. Initially you will start out on Tier 1, the lowest of the ten tiers of battleships. By participating in naval warfare with other players, you will eventually win your first few matches, receiving money and experience in return. This currency can be used to research new components for your ship or even to unlock a more advanced form of warship. Step by step you will climb the tiers and eventually be able to overpower your foes with the superior firepower with your state of the art warships.

A huge collection of warships:

Currently there are two and a half nations available. Why two and a half? As for now there is a huge selection of American and Japanese warships available and even a few Russian warships. Since the game is still in its beta-stages, not all of the content has been implemented into the game yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised if more nations will join the game. Especially when we consider that this has been the case with World of Warplanes and World of Tanks. With more than 70 ships already, you can already imagine what size the full roster of warships might have once the game is leaving the beta.

Accurate design and high level of detail:

The aforementioned warships are split in four distinctive groups: Aircraft carriers, Battleships, Cruisers and Destroyers. Each of these types does serve a critical role and comes with certain edges and flaws. To get an idea of the proper use of each ship, the game does give you a brief overview of ships statistics, ranging from survivability to concealment and information on the weaponry of the specific ship. Furthermore each warship has been built with an enormous amount of detail and historical accuracy – the same accuracy and detail, which helped with the success of World of Warplanes and World of Tanks.

Fluent and very polished gameplay:

Something that we really did enjoy was the transitioning of these huge steel chunks into the actual gameplay. While some of the bigger ships are somewhat slow and hard to move around the coastline or other obstacles, it is just because they are so unbelievably huge. Yes, aircraft carriers and Battleships do have some serious firepower but when they are being attacked by highly mobile Cruisers and Destroyers, they really have to rely on the help of their allies. Therefore it was reassuring to witness, that the developers really did manage to assign certain roles to specific types of ships and that the game did not become a naval long range slugfest.

Special Features

  • Free-to-play Warship Shooter MMO: Just sign up, download the client and you are good to go. World of Warships is completely free to play.
  • A divers collection of warships: Choose your favorite vessel from over 70 ships of different nations like the US or Japanese Navy.
  • Accurate design and lots of details: Historical accurate transitions of aircraft carriers, Battleships, Cruiser and Destroyers are at your disposal.
  • Fluent gameplay: No sluggish controls. Experience naval warfare at its finest even in full and stressful multiplayer battles.
  • Tactical Teamplay: Each ship class has its own useful functions and abilities and is needed to have a complete team in challenging multiplayer battles.


The Bottom Line

The free to play Third Person Action Shooter World of Warships met completely our high expectations. While we have already played World of Warplanes and World of Tanks, we had a rough idea of what to expect from this recent installment. The game does meet’s high standards in every regard. The graphics are top notch, the ships have been implemented with tons of detail and the gameplay is a fluent as it is in the other installments. really managed to climb onto the top of companies that develop these type of war games and playing World of Warships is yet another great reminder of why that is the case.

Photos of World of Warships

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